The first episode of Season One of the new Netflix original series, The Truth About the World’s Best Season 1 Industry, premiered on Wednesday, January 8, 2018. After the announcement of the premiere of Season One, we were able to get together with some creatives to talk about the series, how it fits into other Netflix productions to be released this holiday season and what they saw as this season’s strength.

We sat down with producers James L. Harris (creator/writer of the show) and Jessica Hecht (script editor on Season One) to ask them your burning questions. This was one of two episodes in the first season that aired between Thanksgiving and New Year, which meant there were no holidays between them.

Airing first in 2016, what is the best part about Season 1 of The Truth About the World’s Best Season 1 Industry, and what can you learn from it?It might sound like a cliché, but the best part about season one of the series is that we have been given a glimpse of the behind the scenes lives of some of the people who take on the role of narrator throughout seasons and for all intents and purposes, they are the producers.

For the past 18 seasons, The Biggest Loser has been, at the height of its fame, something of a show in which the contestants were told to live a typical life in order to succeed. As the show’s producers, we were able to let the contestants in a completely different setting and experience. It was a new beginning for everyone involved in the program.

With an audience comprised of viewers that are over 40 and in a very positive mood, Netflix decided to take it one day at a time and make season one a true reflection of its audience, which is more than 65 years young (and growing!). It took about a year before our first episode of season one aired and we saw how that day turned into something special. As the new season begins, the series creator, L. J.

L. J. Smith, the creator of The Greatest Showman and one of the top minds in show business and entertainment, said that the best thing about the first season of the new Netflix television series, The Greatest Showman, is that his first season is a continuation of The Greatest Showman show. We are a true love letter to the first season of the show and what it meant to it. With that in mind, L. J.


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