Dark Souls 3 is an epic RPG with an open world to explore, a compelling story and plenty of loot to find. But one of the more intriguing elements to the gameplay that keeps players coming back for more is the weapon collection system. We’ll get into it in more detail later on in this post, but for now, just know that as players, you’ll be playing with two weapons, a heavy and a light axe.

Dark Souls 3 takes place in a grim world shrouded in legend. In order to take your character through the world, they need to first find an obscure sword and learn not to play dirty. For the most part, they have to beat the darkness with their fists so that no dark magic exists. If you are a first-timer then you get a chance to play a trial version of the game, which is entirely the same except for the weapon selection.

If you are looking for weapons to craft, look no further than Dark Souls 3 – The Intriguing Psychology As you build your character, you’ll find that not all are created equally. Some are better than others, some are more expensive, some are better equipped than others, and some even have a built-in perk. If you are looking to craft weapons, look no further than The Intriguing Psychology.


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