These are 7 of the 7 best shiny Pokemon podcast shows of 2021. As a new Pokemon trainer, we all have different levels of knowledge and it’s important that we be able to share that knowledge openly with the listeners so that we can learn and grow with each other through the episodes of these podcast shows. A Pokemon show is a weekly podcast where our hosts discuss Pokemon news and talk about the Pokemon fandom.

The podcast we use to discuss the Pokemon fandom is and the podcast you are on now will actually be hosted by the Pokemon Go app called Vocalbox, the first ever Pokemon podcast. The Podcast is hosted by our very own David “The Voice” Vodievich.

After listening to some of these podcasts, its clear that no one is above their station and the podcasts should be a part of the station. Also, its important that we are all learning from each other and that we should be having a good time.

The first Vocalbox Podcast podcast is Vocalbox, where we discuss the Pokemon fandom. As a Pokemon Podcast it is really hard to come up with a Pokemon Podcast to be the #1 in this area, but our mission is to provide our listeners with the best possible content for their listeners. With that in mind we are looking forward to seeing what other Pokemon Podcasts come out this year and also how the Pokemon podcast community grows in the New Year.

All Pokemon podcasts coming up in 2019 and beyond: As we all know from the pokemon announcement last month, the Pokemon Podcast comes on-board a month afterwards and will continue going on the other pokemon podcast, Vocalbox. Vocalbox is the official Pokemon podcast that you can tune into, and will also be hosting the second Vocalbox Podcast in December.

Here we are with another round of updates for the Pokemon Podcast as well! Blog: How do you get your girlfriend to love your life? There is so much power to a healthy relationship, but not all relationships are happy. A lot of questions come to mind when considering how your relationship is going and how should you be leading by example? If the answer to both is love, then the answer is simple: if you love yourself, you will love your partner, and vice versa.

Our guests at our very first Pokemon podcast, Vocalbox have decided that its time to continue the journey in their new podcast format, called Pokemon: The Podcast.


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