As a Spokane resident, I use several different products that I find at these Spokane shops. To say them well is a little too obvious. The best part is that the items they have are not just low-cost items. The best part about what I find is that at these shops they often have things I couldn’t live without and I always have a nice conversation with the sales associate.

I’m excited to announce the addition of a new “Buy with Cash” feature to my website. Once a week I will ask you for money, enter the sum, select a product, and leave me a short phone number. I will let you know the order status and the store will contact you with the results. The new Buy with Cash feature provides an effective, low-cost way to get what you need without taking up all your time.

As part of the new design of this website, I will be posting a new monthly “My 10 Most Useful Things To Know” segment.

Check out these 10 of my favorite things to do in my life to get you excited about your new year and motivate you to get the most out of December – what a gift! I love creating new lists and have developed a Pinterest board called My 25 Great Reasons and a My 20 Most Important Things list. I’m going to go over here to my Pinterest blog post on my favorite activities before the big lists, but I just wanted to say…

We are all busy people. Its easy to get frustrated when you just can’t find what you need at certain stores. This new feature to My 10 Most Useful Things To Know will give you a better way to look back over your list and find what you need without spending all your time on getting the next thing. This month, I’m focusing on my top 10 most vital things to know that will help me get your shopping from stores to you in one convenient place.

This time I will be writing all about my top 10 list for a new list. This time the list will include, family, friends, community, and things that I enjoy having around. How are you going to come up with 10 things to know right away? A week is about all you need if youre not taking the time to think about them.


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