I have the pleasure of working with HuniePop on a daily basis. They are a premier artist that creates music, photography, art, and film. Their work is available for purchase at their official storefront at www.huniepop.com.

The HuniePop 2 Kickstarter is a great way to help Huniepop continue to make his music and art available to the general public. Not only will you get a physical box art piece, but you’ll also be able to help out with the continued release of HuniePop’s music videos.

HuniePop is a great example of what you can do with crowdsourcing. As long as there are supporters willing to help, they can create their own videos and upload their own artwork. HuniePop’s first video, “The Day I Met My Soulmate,” was self-produced by one of his fans, whose name is not given, but who I’ve been told is the most hardcore fan of his work.

There are a lot of ways HuniePop can be used for the video, including using an album cover to convey the image of his life. The cover of “Hunie” is pretty great, too, but not quite sure how much HuniePop has accomplished in terms of what other people might be using it for.

The “HuniePop” video has been watched over 500 million times, which is pretty impressive. He’s also made two more videos since then, which are also self-produced. One of them, “The Day I Met My Soulmate,” was released online in 2011 as a part of HuniePop’s online fan video series, and it was also made available for download in that same year.

HuniePop’s videos were the first time I’d heard about HuniePop before. My first introduction to the guy was through a couple of YouTube videos. I thought he was pretty creepy in them, and he was the one who gave me the idea to try and talk to him on IRC. He was more creepy in real life than in the video, and he was even creepier in my IRC chat room.

And then I met him in person. I’ve been a fan of HuniePop since I first saw him at the London Gamescom in 2009. HuniePop was so different from the other HuniePop fans I’ve met. He was more mature, more open-minded, and more genuine than most. He was also funny, and a real character. His videos were the first time I’d listened to a HuniePop song and not seen the ‘jokes’ he was making.

In the video he said he was going to be a “bad boy”. In real life, I’d say he was definitely a bad boy. If you want to be seen as a bad boy, you have to be a bit of an asshole. I remember a couple of years ago I got a message in the middle of the night from him saying he was having nightmares about being shot.

But he’s a good-looking guy. I think you get the idea.

Huniepop is a Canadian rapper and songwriter. He’s got a lot of good songs and videos (including one that was on MTV’s ‘Trues’ last year – it’s called “I’m a Bad Boy” and it’s about not being a bad guy). He’s also a really good person to know. As a kid in the 90s, he was known for wearing the “bad boy” look and making it seem like he was cool.


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