You might say your hustle is your passion, but many people consider just chasing your dream to be the most important goal in their life. That didn’t change with Shawn’s new business, How to Turn Your Best Jav Side Hustle Into a 6-Figure Business. Shawn will be teaching you how to turn your current “jav” project into a successful business with a combination of sales and service.

What Shawn writes here is actually a business plan but it doesnt necessarily look like your marketing plan, it is more like your business road map. You will need to be able to take a hard look at your current project in order to decide if it is worth pursuing further. If Shawn wants to pitch his best jav project to investors and see if it can become a viable business, that is what will be important to you.

Shawn loves to write with passion about what he learned over the past few years of working with a bunch of different clients. He loves to write for his clients but knows that there will be no shortage of people who want to read and see what he has to say. So, Shawn will be blogging with his own unique voice, to share with people who have a passion for this kind of work. We were introduced in a big way to the amazing Dr.

I am not surprised by the interest this article is generating. I have had it myself, and if you do the same, I’d say your article is as good as any other I can think of. And if you are curious about the article, I guarantee you will love it. Ive read many other articles and I think that this one stands out for its beauty and content. How did you pull that off? 🙂 Blog: The Art of Giving A Very Good Tip.

How to give a bad tip. New blog: How to get a great tip. Old blog: You’ve been reading a book, but you haven’t had time to do any reading on the topic of the book yet and you want to do some research to find out if there really are certain topics you should look into. What to look for The good advice you want to read about a topic will come in the form of good but not necessarily excellent advice.

Why do men prefer to give bad tips and how to fix it. Old blog The most common reason is to cover up the mistake or oversimplification. If you are really giving a bad tip, the last thing you want is to embarrass the recipient, causing them to question your honesty. But that is exactly the type of scenario you need to avoid.


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