The beauty of this National Park is that there are so many different perspectives on it. Some people who know they’re visiting the national park for the first time, some longtime residents of the park and many seasoned locals who are here simply to do their part in preserving the natural beauty of Glacier National Park. Glacier National Park is a prime example of how it is possible to preserve the beauty of the country by keeping things simple.

One thing you don’t want to miss on your Glacier National Park trip is the night wildlife tours. With the park providing tours for campers in August, August is a prime time for wildlife to make appearances along the park trails and the wildlife encounters are unforgettable for everyone.

As a member of the public, it’s hard to fully appreciate the majesty of a national park until you have seen it in nature, but with nature it is possible to take in the variety of wildlife and plant life that calls this park home in all its glory. After our August trip to Glacier National Park and its beautiful night wildlife tours, we hope that our photos provide a glimpse of what is on display in the national park.

Here are the photos that will help you to know more about glacier national park and its incredible wildlife.


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