The Amish are a conservative Christian sect that live in the United States. They stand for many things, including their faith and traditions- but do they also stand for the National Anthem? We will explore this question through the lens of three different perspectives: The Amish perspective, the US Government perspective and your own opinion. The Amish perspective: The answer to this question is clear. If the National Anthem is something that stands for America, then it doesn’t apply to an Amish person because they don’t believe in nationalism or patriotism (as described by their faith).

You can expect them not to stand up if the national anthem plays and ask why we’re singing about a country when there are so many more important things going on in world history. The US Government Perspective: From our government’s perspective, it would be illegal for any non-US citizen living within the United States of America to refuse to stand during the playing of the National Anthem at any ceremony honoring such event as specified under Title 36 section 301 subsection C paragraph 147 subpart


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