This blog post is meant to explore the lyrics of “digable planets where i’m from.” This is a rap song by Blackalicious. The author’s goal in this blog post is to talk about how these lyrics can be used as inspiration for people when they are feeling down or want to start something new.

musician, country song, banjo @ Pixabay

* The first line is “I’m from a planet where the people are free.” This means that everyone can be who they want to be and not have any restrictions in life. The author’s goal is to let readers know this may seem impossible but it isn’t. There may be things holding them back, like their environment or what others think of them, but no one has the right to tell someone how they should live because we all deserve happiness. With these lyrics in mind, the author intends for readers to feel more confident about doing anything they please with their life as well as reminding them that there will always be those who support you on your journey even if it seems scary at times. * * * **


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