For some, RuneScape is a game. For others, it’s an escape from the real world. But for those in search of something more – well, you’re about to find out what lies in the Jagged Reaches. A vast and dangerous land, the Jagged Reaches are home to treasures beyond measure. But it’s not easy getting there: these lands are notoriously difficult to traverse, thanks largely in part to their irregular landscape of jagged cliffsides that can be seen from miles away – hence how they got their name. Few who enter make it back alive; those who do usually return with tales so unbelievable as to seem like tall tales told by old miners over a pint at the pub. Legends abound of adventurers journeying into this treacherous territory never returning.. but what is waiting for them if they do? The truth about RuneScape is out here somewhere. You might have heard whispers before now about riches untold or terrible monsters lurking within


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