If you are feeling frustrated and confused, it is possible that you have done something wrong. Have I Done Something Wrong? is a blog post about how to fix your mistakes and get back on the right track.

woman, portrait, model @ Pixabay

The first thing you should do is be honest with yourself. It sounds simple, but it can sometimes be difficult to swallow the fact that we are in error or doing something wrong. Once you have admitted to your mistake and acknowledged where things went awry, then ask for help.

You might find a solution on Google from an article of advice someone wrote about what has worked for them before when they made a similar mistake, or maybe there’s someone close by who could provide specific guidance as how to approach this situation again so that you’ll get better results next time around. Every now and then we all make mistakes which can leave us feeling frustrated or confused because we don’t know why everything went wrong, or if our actions were incorrect


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