Are you the one for me?

I need to know if we’re meant to be. Will you come with me, down a long and winding road? What am I asking of you? Well, it’s not too much. It’s just that I can’t take this anymore.. In my lonely room, I’m asking you.

people, man, woman @ Pixabay

If you say no then that’s it, we’ll go our separate ways. But if your answer is yes..then what? Well first off all the things I’ve said before are true and they stand to this day. But when you walk into my life everything changes for me because I know deep in my heart that at last, someone understands who I am.

” She smiled a smile of relief; he could see her shaking from head to toe with anticipation.”Yes,” she finally spoke out loud, “I think it is safe to say that we’re meant to be together forever.” A single tear slid down his face as he gathered her up in his arms and


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