Dialectical tensions are rare in most intimate relationships. We all know that opposites attract, but what about the tension between different points of view? In this blog post, we will explore the meaning and usefulness of dialectics in interpersonal communication as well as how to identify and repair dialectical tension within our own relationships. One of the most common dialectical tensions is that of subject and object. The two points are often within one person, but they can also be in opposition to each other. In either case, they exist as opposites with radically different perspectives on reality or life and their roles in it. This creates conflict between them which will persist until the tension is resolved through dialogue or understanding., -The Subject: a point of view about reality coming from our experience (i.e.: I believe that this is true because I felt __) -Objective Reality: what actually exists regardless of any particular individual’s perception/experience (i.e.: “All people have five senses”) In order for these two points to


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