Rare minerals in detrital sediments are grains of which mineral(s) that are extremely rare in detrital sediments? Why is this so? The most common answer to this question is gold. There are many reasons why rare minerals occur more often than other types of minerals and it all depends on the geological setting where the sedimentary rock was formed. In some cases, there may be a higher concentration of gold because it has been deposited by hydrothermal fluids or as part of an ore deposit. Other times, these deposits may have occurred as part of a metamorphic event or due to changes in tectonic settings. If you are having trouble coming up with a topic, try to think of the question that has been asked and then answer it in detail. If you would like help finding keywords for your post or want more blogging ideas, please contact Media Services at (240) 228-2451 or email media@usgs.gov . Keywords: detrital grains; rare minerals; why?; geological setting where sediments formed; hydrothermal fluids depositing gold as ore deposit; metamorphic event changing tectonic settings First Paragraph: Detrital grains is made up of mineral(s) that are extremely rare in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone and siltstone. The most common answer to


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