Baco3 is a metal salt that can be dissolved in both acidic and pure water. You might wonder though,

Will baco3 be more soluble in acidic solution than it would be in pure water?

The answer to this question is not straightforward. It all depends on the acidity of the solution, which can vary from one substance to another! In general, the greater the acidity of a solution is, the more soluble baco will be. Acids like hydrochloric acid are strong enough to completely dissolve baco in just one or two hours! Sodium chloride and calcium chloride solutions can take up to 30 hours for complete dissolution.”

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However, if you have an extremely concentrated acidic solution (like sulfuric acid), then they it will not be able dissolve any amount of metal salt at all because there would not be enough water molecules available for reactions with those metal ions. On top of that, some metals salts only react best with certain acids; typically aluminum sulfate reacts well with hydrochloric acid but poorly with sodium hydroxide due to their different reaction.


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