Scientific notation is a way of expressing really big or small numbers in terms of powers of 10. This means that the number 299,790,00 can be expressed as 3.09979 x 108 and would read as two hundred ninety-nine million seven hundred ninety thousand nine hundred eighty in standard form.

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In scientific notation, we designate the number of places a decimal point should be moved to with an exponent. So in this example, k would represent how many spaces over someone needs to move their decimal point to get 299,790,00 into scientific form. And because all numbers in our equation are between 0 and 99 (or less), there is no need for more than one digit past the decimal place.

Therefore, when you write 2997900 as it’s exponential value on Scientific Notation Calculator or find its corresponding \(e\) value on Wolfram Alpha; both say that log(2997900) = 13.7285738508586539983683719849010304057564004091489259937. \(a=\) __ \(\k =\) __.


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