Intermolecular forces are the attractions between molecules in a gas, liquid or solid. The type of force that exists depends on the type of molecule and its shape. If you want to know what kind of intermolecular forces exist in an element or compound, here is how: -Take a look at the periodic table -Find out which column the element or compound belongs to -Look down that column until you find the word “intermolecular” -The type of intermolecular force is listed next to the word CAUTION: some words are used for multiple types of forces! For example, “hydrogen bonding” can refer to both ionic and covalent. Be sure that you know which one applies before using this method. To find out more about what kind of bonds exist in an element or compound, here is a link to another post with information on how to identify different kinds of chemical bonds between atoms. How do I know if there’s hydrogen bonding? Here’s how: You can see it by looking at your periodic table (which lists all elements). If you look down the column until you find the word “intermolecular


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