The chemical reaction of n2 and h2o is a very exothermic reaction, which means that it releases a lot of energy in the form of heat. The actual amount of heat produced depends on what type of catalyst you use to speed up the process. One way to find out how much N2 gas will be produced from this chemical reaction is by using an online calculator. A common catalyst that is used in this reaction to make it happen faster is iron and steel. The chemical equation for the reaction of n20 with h20, also known as a Haber process, looks like this: Nh++n02- + h+ H20 -> N (g) __Haber Process__NH(g)+ OH-(aq). This type of energy released can be measured by how much heat was needed to reach equilibrium or what amount will produce one unit on the thermo scale. When using an online calculator you will need to enter two variables: mass and surface area because they are both needed before calculations can take place. Mass should represent moles which would then give us grams while surface area


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