A detachable stock warrant, also known as a “warrant” for short, is an outstanding piece of paper that has the potential to make you lots and lots of money. Warrants are classified in many ways. They can be warrants on individual stocks, or they could be warrants on the entire stock market index. The most common type of warrant is what’s called an American-style warrant which gives you the right to buy another company’s shares at an agreed price for a fixed period of time. There are some other types too but we’ll get into those later.. Keywords: detachable stock warrants outstanding Body: Detachable stock warrants outstanding should be classified as, -A warrant on individual stocks is when the holder has a right to buy shares in an underlying company at a fixed price for a period of time. The most common type of such warrants are American style which gives you the right to purchase another company’s share or index (S&P 500) at an agreed upon strike price for a specified amount of time and all other types give you special rights that may include voting rights, dividend payments, conversion privileges etc. -Detachable stock warrants outstanding could also refer to any securities instrument used by investors holding nonconvertible debt securities – those who want leverage without sacrificing convertibility into cash themselves. These can be


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