The Hadium Flakes are a rare item found in the game Destiny. There are only 5 places to find them, and they can be hidden well. This guide will help you find all of them! Keywords: destiny hadium flakes, Heading: Where to Find Hadium Flakes (Destiny) A Guide to Where to Find Hadium Flakes: How many are there? There are only five. They can be found in the following places- one on Mars, two at The Tower, and two others that we don’t know of yet! One is hidden well behind a rock across from where you land for your first mission as Commander Zavala. It’s tricky and easy to miss because it blends into the scenery so well. Another can be found when going up the stairs next to Ikora Rey that lead down into her garden area. We’re not sure how hard this one is or what other requirements have been met but it could be


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