The Ill Will is a hand cannon that can be obtained in Destiny. The gun has the highest rate of fire for any weapon in the game, but this comes at a cost – it does not have access to most of the higher-tier perks. Its only available perk is Gunfighter, which increases its reload speed and handling time. It was originally designed by Omolon weapons foundries as an economical solution for those who cannot afford more expensive options like Suros Regime or Hawkmoon. – The gun is not available in any crucible map, but has the highest rate of fire for a hand cannon. – It can be obtained from either by purchasing it with Glimmer or Legendary Shards at Gunsmith Banshee on Earth’s Tower District. Alternatively, players may also receive the weapon as an uncommon drop during Crucible matches and Strikes. The Ill Will shoots quickly (highest rate of fire) without many perks to benefit your gameplay style other than its own perk that reduces reload time and handling time, so use this hand cannon sparingly unless you are looking specifically for sheer speed over power. For more detailed information about Destiny: The Ill Will Hand Cannon visit here!


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