Do you want to leave your fireteam in Destiny 2? It’s easy! All you need is a couple of quick steps. Keep reading to learn how to do it without any issues. The most important thing for anyone who wants to quit their fireteam is that they must be sure not to have an active quest or event going on with them and the other members of the team. If there are, then this will make leaving difficult because players cannot leave while these quests and events are still in progress. To leave a fireteam in Destiny, players must first open up their map and then select an area where they want to go. After that just press the “X” button on PlayStation or A for Xbox controllers. This will bring up the menu with get out of here as one of the options so all you have to do is tap it. That’s how easy it is! – When should you quit your fireteam? If there are quests or events going on and cannot be completed without leaving, don’t forget about them before quitting. You need to make sure that none of these tasks are active when trying to leave a team because otherwise this can cause issues later down the road which may not be able to be resolved by simply


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