Destiny 2 players are in search of imperial tokens. In this article, we will go over some tips and tricks for acquiring these valuable items. 1) The first step is to complete the campaign. Completing the campaign gives you one Imperial Token as a reward. You can also get these by doing all side quests on planets that have them available which rewards you with 1 token per quest completed (10 total). Do not forget about completing adventures and patrols on those planets at least once too! 2) Complete Public Events: This will give you an additional 3-5 tokens each time depending on how difficult the event was to complete. With this strategy, it is possible to acquire up to 10+ Imperial Tokens per day. The next steps are to complete the Nightfall Strike, which rewards you with one token and completing a Prestige Raid will reward you with three imperial tokens. The final way is by purchasing them using real money or through micro-transactions on PSN/Xbox live! Tip: You can also get these items in game for free but it may take time if not done correctly. It takes 500 Reputation points per Imperial Token so reaching rank five in each of the characters classes’ factions will give you enough reputation points (100). This strategy should only be used as an alternative option when players do not want to spend any more cash but still want those precious tokens! ) Acquiring imperials from vendors does


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