Many people think that dermatome maps are just for medical students, but they actually have many uses. For instance, if you’re a physician and want to know where the pain is coming from on your patient’s body, then a dermatome map can help you figure it out. They also show how deep an injury goes into the skin in case there are any complications or doubts about diagnosis. You may be wondering what exactly a dermatome map is – well stay tuned because we will explore this topic more thoroughly below! -A dermatome map is a representation of the sensory distribution over a body region. Dorsal column: for example, this can refer to an individual’s back or arm. In these cases, there are about one hundred and twelve dorsal columns on each side of the spinal cord that go from between two vertebrae right down to your fingers tips. This system has been shown to be related with touch sensations as well as movement sense in some areas Lateral column: also known as Splanchnic nerves – these tendons connect muscles together so when we need them they work properly. They control our sensitivity for positions such as getting up from sitting vs standing upright position Somatic nervous system: responsible for all voluntary movements


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