Reading is a skill that everyone needs to be good at. Whether you are trying to get through an article, or just need some entertainment for the evening, it is important that you know how to read well. This blog post will give you 11 rules for reading so that your eyes don’t hurt and your brain doesn’t explode! Rule #11: Don’t stop reading! Reading is a skill that will help you throughout your life. If you don’t like the book, find one that does interest you. There are thousands of books out there and it’s important to keep trying until you find something worth reading for hours. This blog post contains 11 rules for good reading- make sure these tips apply to every aspect of your life! The last rule tells readers not to give up on finding what they love, even if it takes some time and effort before they get there ‍♀️ Keep scrolling down through this article for more information about how to read well so that our minds remain sharp as we age. These guidelines also have great advice about how


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