A recent discovery has been made by a team of researchers. They have found that viruses are not related to other organisms on Earth because they lack ribosomal RNA, which is what the tree of life is based off of. Viruses are not truly living beings and do not belong in the same classification as other organisms. Extra Content: Viruses are not living organisms because they do not have ribosomal RNA, and therefore should be excluded from the tree of life. They belong in a different classification than other organisms. The researchers found that viruses lack ribosomal RNA which is what tree of life is based off of; this means that they cannot be related to any organism on Earth and must go into their own classifications. The discovery was made by a team of researches who has been studying various types of DNA for many years now. Although there are still few details about how it all started, the research published stated “What we did find is evidence virus evolution never became independent from its host’s genome.” It seems as if


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