In order to avoid amassing a debt given time, there are 12 steps that one must take. Some of these include declaring war and coining money. The first step is to stop spending money on unimportant things such as cigarettes and alcohol. This will free up funds for the more important uses like paying off debts. Next, you should make lists of all your debts and prioritize them in terms of which has the highest interest rates or balances so that you can tackle those first before they get out of control. It’s also wise to check with creditors about how much it would cost if you were late making payments or skipped a payment altogether because this could be costly for your finances! The next steps to take are: create a budget and keep it. Pay off the debts that you have with the highest interest rates first, then work your way down on those with lower interest rates but higher balances. When paying for debt, always pay more than what is owed so that the balance will decrease over time- this would be called an avalanche method of payment because each previous payment moves one step closer to being paid in full by adding extra money as well as reducing the total amount left owing. Continue reading below if interested in knowing about power within bills, how they can help you get out of debt or continue getting organized financially! Steps To Take In 12 Steps: Stop spending unimportant things like cigarettes and alcohol


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