The online world has changed the way that we do business. It used to be that people would show up to a store or event in person, and make decisions based on what they saw there. Nowadays, most of our buying is done online, through websites like or eBay. But just because people are making their decision before going to an event doesn’t mean you should give up on in-person attendance! In fact, it’s more important than ever before for businesses owners to focus on how they can increase attendance at events and conferences – so here’s a few time-tested tactics you can use: o Offer discounts – people will be more likely to buy if they know there’s a discount available. Just make sure the price is lower than what you normally charge! o Get social media involved – use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites that your customers are on in order to advertise events. This way people won’t even need to physically go anywhere; all they have to do is click or tap their phones, tablets, or computers for everything without leaving home! What this looks like: – People may feel hesitant about going out of their comfort zone when it comes shopping online because they don’t want any surprises (like receiving low quality products). But with these tips you can show attendees how simple it really is by


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