This blog is about the development of the Corona virus. The Corona virus was called Corona Flu Disease in China and other regions in the world. In China as in the United States we were in a state of panic. After the coronavirus, the whole world experienced a new type of stress that changed how the industry was going back then. The Corona Virus has completely changed the landscape of the software industry.

A lot of the software companies didn’t think it was a big deal because this virus, this virus which was a novel strain from a certain place, no one had ever encountered before. This virus was completely unexpected on how they are going to build software. This has a big impact especially in IT industry.

This blog also discusses the coronavirus and why it is important to protect yourself. While it could be argued that it was an important event in the IT industry and software industry due to the impact as a way to create a system or software, the impact has been felt on the whole industry. In my opinion the Covid-19 virus is the most important event this century. It is changing the landscape where we are at and it is going to affect both ways.


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