It is often a mistake to underestimate the impact of life’s most important moments. What you don’t see, the ones you are not prepared for, may happen on a completely different timeline than what you have envisaged in the previous life where you thought you’ve had a full, easy time living off of all that food, sleep, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll.

The reality is that our most important times of life can be the most difficult. We have choices made before we are born that, because of the choices we make before birth, govern whether our lives will be a happy one or an unhappy one. We have the ability at any given moment to make a major shift in our life, and yet we are often not prepared to make the shift. To change that, we must first make the shift for ourselves.

There is a lot in common between the Lifecycle of Software Objects and a healthy relationship! When you see it from either place, there is still a lot in common, it is called “common sense.

There will be a shift when we step from being focused on our past selves into focusing on our future selves, when we step from being focused on our physical lives into focusing on our souls and souls. The lifecycle of software objects is the lifecycle of anything. It goes from the moment you choose to make a change in your life to when that change happens.

Life-changing events are like a light switch. The light is turned on and, if left on for a long time, will eventually turn to the off. When the light goes off for good, your life is no longer yours. It has already been taken away from you. This is one of the things I really like about reading this blog because it offers up a lot of really useful information.

Here’s what happens when youre not ready to make changes by looking at the things around you, yet you want to do something that feels really good, and that does not involve being “in your face”, you need to break up with a partner with whom you have been with for a long time through. The solution at the end is to separate. When you’re ready, make changes, break up with that partner, then move on and make another change.


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