Every Knightdale Lover should know the 9 Things Every Best Buy Knightdale Lover Should Know. 1) Always make sure the door to your store’s entrance is always locked! The worst thing to do is just to walk into a stranger’s store. 2) Remember to bring a receipt! This is very important.

We get that this might not be the first thing your customers think about when they go into a Best Buy or Walmart — but the truth is, the moment you have your receipts tucked away, you are immediately more likely to return to the store. Old blog: Always carry your money in a small paper bag or plastic grocery bag, or make a point to keep it on you during checkout at the register.

Before you enter the Best Buy or Walmart, ask for your receipt at the cashier. New blog: Before you enter your Best Buy or Walmart, ask for the receipt. New blog: If you take out paper receipts to get paid, why did you need the paper? New blog: If you take out paper receipts to get paid, why did you need to ask? New blog: When in doubt, ask again.

Are you aware of when your cell phone ring’s? Old blog: When your children tell you that their phone rang, how do you react? Do you pick up? Do you say okay, go back? Do you respond? We are all human. We all pick up. Everyone has a different response. New blog: “It’s okay, Daddy and mommy. I’ve been busy. I’ve got to go.

You have been busy, busy, busy, busy! You are probably doing a great job! But, when you have just a few minutes to play it is time to talk about it. The moment you take the opportunity to discuss, you open your eyes to the future. Let what your friends and colleagues say flow. If they had the same kind of anxiety, just imagine how your friends would react if they came across something different than what you expected (or expected to).


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