Donald Trump once described himself as “Mitt Romney with the boobs.” Now it appears as though this statement has become something of a running joke. So, to make you laugh it up this year, I have rounded up the nine commonalities between President Trump and the mega-retailer who was once in the same space as the GOP president.

It is estimated that a company that size would have at least 200,000 employees. In a nutshell, Donald Trump is the same guy who founded (but now owns) the company that now serves his customers.

When you work with this company, be prepared to deal with their toxic culture and the need to make money so they can support their ever diminishing need for human labor.

Donald Trump’s store is the largest one in the world and his workforce is arguably the best. Yet he still has problems with his company. One of the reasons for that is that he has been making these insane demands that they say he does not need to. ‘Why can’t we do whatever we want?! I don’t need this! I don’t need that!’. The company had to make a decision.

You had me at “no”. Old blog: So much for that. While Trump may not have made an overt statement, he certainly has taken this whole issue up with his company — and they are not having it. As the company tries to sell itself and find its way, to avoid conflict, this is the one area they are going to have to address the most. He says that everyone who has worked with him knows the same thing.

After a long and trying period, the company is now working on a plan. But, as we learned from the company we were with a long time ago, there is a point where the plan must change and we need the help that these people need. In Trump’s case, he may be getting what he wants, but he needs help.


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