I just downloaded the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire book because I’ve seen it before, but I haven’t read a book from it. The new book’s chapters were incredibly exciting and the movie’s chapters were the best ever. All you had to do was download and buy the new book and you’d be reading the book like you’re a kid again.

With a lot of people, Ive noticed the new Harry Potter book is way more interesting than the originals. But my favorite new book was the first book, which got me as excited as the new ones. The other Harry Potter books were just so exciting.

This sounds a bit odd, but you can read just one book from each author and thats awesome. Theyre so different and creative. Ive only seen one book from each author, but thats awesome I think.

This is something I havent seen done before… the entire Harry Potter film canon will be available on YouTube. This is a crazy idea. I do believe this is gonna happen and the internet is going to explode after this.

We are still waiting for the official word that Harry Potter has been banned. If we get the message, then we, the fans, will get to see the content of the new books that will come out into the wilds.


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