Here are the 8 cult-favorite Best Part Lyrics Products You Should Know. Possibly the #1 song on the Internet nowadays was born out of this podcast episode. And that’s not a bad accomplishment so let me just get right into it in a couple lines.

Let me rephrase that. If you are a radio DJ then let me get right into it right now. These are words that you listen to over and over on the radio. If you know me then you can probably guess what I’m talking about. Now, you have probably come across this music on the radio to your favorite music, or you have been hearing it in a commercial, or on the radio, over and over again.

If you have not encountered anything on the Internet like this, you are missing out a great deal. If you own a band then what better medium than the radio, or even better the podcast, to bring it to you. Whether you have a new CD, new song, or a new band that you just started, Radio, Podcasts or Band, are a great medium to introduce it to your very own personal audience.

“Love your radio, then buy a CD for $30” What?? What happened to the old chestnut of “buy one, get one free”? What happened to the “get the free version”? What is this crap about getting the free version?”, “that is the most ridiculous…” Well we are not ready for that yet and I think even the title says it all.

This is an audio version of this blog. I was thinking how long a little while? Old blog: So you have the new one, which is good because the original one only let us listen to the words, not the music. New blog: I am just going to play this on my iPod. I think it is too easy.

Well its not too hard to listen to a song on YouTube so that’s a plus. Listen to music everywhere else and that will help you a lot. And even when your not on your iPod, listen to everything on your phone. Or better yet, with all the mp3’s you can still enjoy your songs or even listen to your friends. New blog: Oh, and let me just rephrase that, Listen to everything. Listen to anything.


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