We all know Warframe is a great team shooter and best-suited to a player of any strength. That’s why the Warframe team launched a campaign to bring you 6 ways your team-mate bests you in the Warframe: Warframe best melee weapon. In just over an hour, you can watch a video and receive a chance to win a limited edition of the Warframe best melee weapon as well as some Warframe points.

It started out as a simple video about a Warframe best melee weapon, but that idea grew and turned into a full-scale campaign full of advice and encouragement for your player, your teammates, and your team.

After reviewing Warframe best melee weapon, a video was made by a Warframe expert to help you understand the best way to help your player become more like Warframe team members. It all starts with understanding what your player does best and also how to give him the tools and motivation to do well in this area. Then follow the advice to add team play into your gameplay as you work to improve yourself as a player.

In today’s video, Dr. Michael Jackson teaches you how to create your player as another Warframe best melee weapon. Get started with these 6 steps:1. Focus on something that your player is struggling to do.2. Create a list of what needs to change for your player. What the player can focus on right now is what needs to change when they get to that point.3. Select 6 things that you love about your player that needs work.


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