America’s Best Wings will soon change your life. We are currently offering six great restaurant concepts; we are also currently in the midst of a new, exciting line-up. However, before we get into the details of these exciting restaurants, here are six things to know:1. For those that like to choose the tastiest fare in a fast manner, there’s an excellent chance they will love our wing options.

We now offer a three-course evening menu for only $95 that includes a selection of appetizers, entrees and sides, and a wine pairing. Each course has been carefully and delicately crafted to ensure an exceptionally flavorful meal. Our wings are made with the finest, fresh, locally sourced, organic and vegan imported meat, the sauces and garnishes are also designed to ensure an amazing taste experience2. We also have a selection of wings for sale at the same restaurants.

Not only do you get $35 off your Wing with purchase of $175, but just as importantly youll get a free meal or appetizer. When it comes to wings, we will ensure that everyone has a great time. 3. If you have ever thought about taking the Wing to a new restaurant but not sure whether or not you could like it, get a taste! Our new online selection is constantly changing, so check back on a monthly basis for the latest information.

Our wing options are so fun and fresh. Thats because each one was made with one of two different recipes, with our new offerings being the one with the recipe that was submitted. It does take time to choose from, and the fact that youll never know theyre going to add on a recipe that you don’t like is such a refreshing aspect. Its refreshing to find someone who really cares about your wings.

For those of you that are interested in more information on what wings we have available for purchase, visit the online search page. If youre having trouble getting the recipes, you can even order them online. So please take your online poll and get in touch to find out more from us! We are excited to announce a new, tasty menu from the most popular restaurants in America. For those of you that would like more restaurant information, visit our new online section.


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