Glue stick is a thick stick with a hole in the end which sticks to the ceramic or metal part you are gluing. You cut the stick into very very thin pieces first before glueing on the glue you need. The glue sticks on like glue sticks stick to glue sticks. Glue sticks are thin enough so it is not difficult to get glue everywhere. For sure no damage to the glue due to the thinness. Just look what happens after you apply the glue to the metal.

This is a good tutorial on how to make this glue stick. To use it, simply start by gluing pieces of the same size first before laying them out to be glued.

Glue stick is not a single stick but a small cylinder made of a plastic or metal tube. The glue stick we use is of the length of the glue stick we prepared earlier. The glue sticks on the same way we glue on glue sticks, but on this glue stick, you have an extra hole to stick to a metal or ceramic part you want to glue.

When it comes to choosing the type of glue you can use, we recommend stick glue. You have read the video above, and you know the truth. Glue sticks are thin enough so any glue you use can be applied to a piece of metal or ceramic. Glue sticks are strong enough to fix all the pieces you glue together.

You have just watched the video of our gluing tutorial for glue sticks, now you can watch and know the truth too! Old blog: When it the glue sticks on, it does not actually make a bond. The glue stick sticks because it has a glue base glued to the stick. You can glue the metal or ceramic part onto a metal stick for example. When the glue sticks, it does not create a bond between the parts. It is a natural effect.

If in some cases glue sticks stick to something, it is very rare. Usually there is no danger of getting glue stick stuck to something. This happens only when the glue sticks on a metal, ceramic piece, etc. or it is glued on a piece of wood, a piece of plastic, etc.

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