Every website has been and gone through hundreds of hours of software design when it comes to our daily tasks. I’ve learned that the best part about software has been how fast and easy it’s been to make my workday hassle free. But there is one thing that still has me scratching my head. One of the best tools for tracking habits, for sure is your mobile phone. It works so differently than the PC, however.

It doesn’t make sense to have a computer program that is always doing one thing and responding to data. I guess that’s why we get so many desktop apps that do that same thing. Thats why I made this blog.

The blog that started it all. The one that changed me into a software consultant. It’s been 6 months now since I started the blog in hopes of making as much money as I can from all of you. This website is based on something that has been happening to me on a daily basis for a while already. It goes like this, We are constantly on the look out for new ways to promote our game and services.

I have two projects that will be coming out soon. Old blog: The good thing about a startup is that when it starts you really need to work hard and develop your business to the point where you can afford a salary. Thats exactly what I did with my current business. Thats why this blog, will be very helpful to you. New blog: Every time something goes a little too far off the road you must always remember the one principle. Yours is a business.

It can also have the potential to cause financial strain and trouble, or worse, even suicide if it is not properly considered. Old blog: If ever I was to try something new, and this applies to anything from business to life, that is the time when a company should start. A company that is growing should be open to input from all interested companies and people within it.

I’m not saying that if something sounds too good, too bad, or simply crazy to you that it should not happen, thats not my intention. But if it does seem that you think your ideas don’t make any sense I’m here to lay it out for you and try to make you realize that it will happen, sooner or later. That is what I intend to do with this blog.


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