You probably know Seattle. You probably know what it is like to be an outdoor enthusiast. There’s probably something about it that stirs your imagination. But to truly take advantage of what’s to become this city, it needs to change. Seattle Coffee & Cafe, a startup based in Seattle, has been working to develop Seattle’s coffee culture – the way people drink coffee – for the better. We are using the latest hardware and software to bring Seattle’s Coffee to an entirely new level.

From coffee history to a new food, it won’t be long before Seattles Cafe begins to take your breath away. For a taste of everything Seattle has to offer, come visit our coffee shop to find out what Seattles is all about.

A restaurant in Seattle, you want to be known for offering incredible food. The answer to that question comes from the ground. With an emphasis on fresh ingredients, Chef John Laverick will have you craving food that you cant find anywhere else on earth. Lavericks restaurant specializes in his famous “chef salad” style of cooking. From fresh, natural ingredients to local organic and organic farm products, Chef John Laverick is passionate about all things food related.

Whether you crave a bite of Seattle culture, have the opportunity to work at an amazing coffee shop, or want to learn the importance of creating and eating food that is sustainable for our environments, we will continue to bring you the best places to eat, drink, shop, and create fun in one city.

The blog below contains articles about a dozen events in Seattle in the last month. The first is from the first Monday of every month at the American Library Association’s annual conference. Then the events follow shortly after. I will post an update here or on facebook. And, if you are new to us, please check out our first-year events.

I like the look of the first post. Its pretty neat. Its like the first post on my new site. Old blog: We are excited to announce a new blog titled, “The City By Night.” It is intended to be a daily look back at what is unfolding in the city and in the lives of those who live here. It is designed to provide a little behind the scenes view of what happens as more and more people live in this city.

I am planning on a monthly blog-like series of entries, and I am starting with a topic that I really enjoy: the City By Night. The City By Night is a daily look at what happens in the city that I do not get to go to (or really rarely get to do) every day.


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