Every day, your brain becomes more efficient by connecting with the mind-body-spirit. The power of your mind to enhance your physical life has been attributed since ancient times to a variety of myths and stories. The modern understanding of the powers of the mind is based on the philosophy of Quantum Physics, of which the word ‘Quantum’ originates from the Greek word for ‘quantum’.

If you are not sure what your brain is capable of, consider this: “Our brain is capable of any and all things.” You can walk into a grocery store and put an orange in your shopping cart and then return to check on the orange, but that does not mean that the orange has gone up in weight. You can’t really take those items that you shop for to that weight. The same applies with your ability to add new learning experiences into your brain.

You will find that as you practice meditation, these brain connections will begin to strengthen. You will discover your brain has become powerful, which means it can be used for anything you want it to be used. A friend of mine who works for a company that provides meditation and exercise services for individuals and groups, told me there is power in the brain. He said, “The brain does not belong to one person, but we can all contribute to the brain’s abilities.

Brain science is changing the way doctors think and how they treat patients. The doctors at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, work on a number of new areas to help people recover quicker after stroke and reduce pain, so these new techniques can actually help a lot of people. If you could see your brain with a magnifying glass, you would see how far your thinking can be pushed. The way we think makes our neurons communicate with each other.

The key to a successful life has been the focus on self-care for some time now. We all need to remind ourselves to keep stress and worry to a minimum. This will help you feel less anxious and irritable when dealing with new situations or things that have not been dealt with before. Make it a goal to start your day by cleaning your house, making sure your household items are in their original place, and getting yourself a decent start on the day.

Have you ever spent so much time worrying that you haven’t noticed how wonderful it feels to be alive? We often think we have all the answers, but we don’t. We know we are the reason life is so beautiful, but at the same time we are the source of so much suffering. It is our job to make it so that people have happiness, success and love in their lives. All that we can offer is our time and kindness.


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