For 2019, Mcoa looks to have more of a tech edge than ever before. They currently have integrated camera-smartphones in their Mcoa Locker, and that’s about to change. Their new camera-phone camera is so easy to use, the app can even capture high-quality videos of you from the street while you walk.

The new 2019 iteration will be the Mcoa GoPhone with its 6.5” HD display, Snapdragon 845 SoC, Android 8.0 Oreo, and front-facing camera. The GoPhone will be available in stores, for online purchase, starting on November 5, New blog: If you’re looking for a way to improve your skills as a DJ, you should check out Aesthetic DJ.

2018 saw the arrival of new features in Mcoa’s mobile apps. For its first year, Mcoa had the Aesthetic Club, which allowed users to earn cash by participating in Mcoa events. It also had the B1L Social Club, which was an app allowing members to create their own challenges and tournaments. The new 2019 B1L Social Club will allow members to create events, challenges, events, and tournaments with their families, friends, and followers.

This is where things get interesting, Mcoa is working on this. Not only are they opening up a venue for these events, but they also recently announced a partnership with the National Geographic Channel as well as a partnership with the World Economic Forum as a way to encourage more women and girls to participate in international business and society.More can look forward to getting a lot more publicity this year.


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