The Navajo Naming Society (DNS) has long known that this nation has more than three hundred indigenous languages. So did the Daughters of Bilitis. Now as an educator and author, they challenge and debunk ten of those old stories about Diaspora.

With 3 names you can learn a word, a word, and two words. The process is simple. The name is broken up and each word is pronounced on its own. You will also be able to pronounce each individual name more than once.

The story of the Navajo name system: A day In the Life of The Navajo Name System [Part 1] Tuesday, August 15, 2016 For those of us who work a full time job and have a kid who is now in full time preschool, there is no “real” work to do that can be found at home.

My children are learning the Navajo names. They will be moving onto new names shortly. I have used the names of some great Navajo families with my son but I have heard of many friends whose families had a full time job, a full time and part time child, and two parents. We will start with the names of families with a full time job only for now and work our way into names that have other components to them.

We’ve written on ten “Diaspora” myths that have been debunked. The authors go through each myth and debunk it one by one, leaving you with tips on how to move past each situation. 1. “The world has come to love the Navajo,” and “There are no Navajo people.” What you’ve heard about Native Americans is a rumor. That is the whole point. 2.

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