This story about how a couple has created the best homemade dishware for their maids in North Carolina is absolutely ridiculous and can only be called a true example of why we should all be able to make our own dishes (in fact it’s probably why we should all be able to use a dishcloth instead of a clean one).

Bill Gates is often quoted in many forums and media sources because of just how ridiculous his opinions are. How can someone that never served anyone with dishwater in his life (which was actually very hard work) be so impressed by another person’s efforts to out-do other people for the same dish? The truth about Gates is that he is a very average person and is most likely not going to be able to do anything much great or awesome in life.

For the most simple dishware to be completely successful, you must have one thing in mind. Bill Gates used his own dishcloth as one of his dishes and is absolutely in the right place. He is a true genius and should have never had any trouble creating the dishware for his maid or any other. This was an amazing example of what creativity can do.

This one is just a little better. While Bill Gates is the one who is usually credited with being so creative, his ideas for how to take this to the next level still hold true. With that said being creative doesn’t have to be a one man show, as some of his ideas are in the book “The 10 Most Ambitious Startups in History”.


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