If there’s one thing that everyone remembers from racing, it’s the feeling of accomplishment. The best racers are the ones that know what they’re doing from Day 1. It’s the hardest thing to master—the feeling of knowing exactly how you are going to pull off a given race given what you can prepare for and train for.

If you want to improve your race, one of the biggest keys is making it a rewarding experience for the person you are racing against. The best racers know who they are with every step they take. These racers also prepare for each race with the same passion they use to train for a triathlon. They prepare everything in front of them for every race so that they have all the necessary time and training tools for every race.

In this blog we will discuss the key to winning the most popular race series across the globe, the most prestigious racesteam on the planet, the most prestigious race series in South East Asia. This blog will discuss and list the best tips we have ever heard from the world of racing and give you the keys to being the best that you can be at your best. Be a leader, Being a leader in a team comes with its rewards and responsibilities.


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