I hope we can all agree we can’t all sit around sipping our rum all afternoon! The good news is there are tons of tasty, healthy, and affordable rum flavors that you can enjoy all year round. We all love rum. And rum is definitely our life! We love spending time with friends and family, and enjoying delicious, alcoholic beverages that can give your body a helping of energy boost and help you relax a little bit.

I’m a big believer in the idea that good books should be consumed in the privacy of our own homes. As in, not on your coffee table. And, we’re taking the idea of reading in the comfort of our own home a small step further to ensure you’re not spending your summer reading in front of your television.

While we are all sure that our summer days are long as it should be, we are also mindful that it is one thing to read for pleasure and another thing for reading to remain fresh through the process of procrastinating it, when you have had enough of the book, and you are starting to dread the time you spend flipping thru the pages.

The internet has brought us a vast array of free ebook download sites available.

We now have plenty of the best internet resources to help us kick start our summer reading activities. Whether you want to make it your primary way to consume the free e-books, or an alternative solution, you are bound only to be blown away with the vast wealth of e-books available free of charge.


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