Everyone seems to need a little more than they can manage when at home. This is a problem because for any given job, one office is as successful as another if you have the right amount of motivation.

A successful home worker in India has always been able to pull together a small army of loyal employees who are loyal to the company which they work for. That is one of the many reasons why such companies can earn millions in a short span. We can help you build and grow your local team by helping you find some of these fourteen skills you were unable to hire from home.

You will find that even though this book is full of useful information for anyone working from home, especially those in the tech world, the key to a successful home-based business is a team, where the leader is you. A home manager doesn’t have to be right hand to the CEO, but rather who is always in the background to ensure the quality of the service your employees receive.

How to build a high performing company using the right kind of team? Old blog: We bring these ideas we’ve learned at home to other workplaces and corporations; what can you learn at your own company? A lot. Get it? Thats… we think. New blog: This guide will bring you practical solutions for building successful teams in your own building or elsewhere.


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