The Thai people are known for having a lot of wealth and a large number of surnames with various styles of Thai, a style that is very similar to the one displayed in the movie The Good, The Bad, & The Queen. Not long ago, the majority of the Thai people were simply called “Thais.” This has given rise to a popular misconception that they are too arrogant people with too many different surnames.

By reading articles and blog posts, I came to realize that many Thais have used the Thai word “cha”, which can refer to both ‘thai’, or ‘to speak’, as well as the noun for a female Thai girl.

There is still a lot of animosity in the Thai community between Thais, as is evident by the anger on many Thai female bloggers towards English-speaking Thais. I noticed that, for instance, when I write a blog post, I feel I need to explain my motivation for writing it to the Thai community. This shows that although my articles are written for English speakers, when they read them, their English is poor.

I would like to remind all readers that this is a serious problem in Thailand. When I said, “This is a serious problem”, I did not mean “This is a serious problem, we really need to do something about this” I meant that this is a serious problem, which needs to be discussed.

There are two parts to this problem. One, the Thai people are always writing about racism, which the Thais call “Nood-bai.” It is not a new problem. It was a problem for me for many years. Two, I have also noticed that Thais tend to insult the English-speaking community, especially male Thais. I have also encountered a whole host of English-speaking Thais who act like they are superior to the other Thais.


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