The future of software is about automation. It’s not just going to be limited to the world of programming jobs. Even software platforms that are used for marketing and accounting for example are becoming increasingly intelligent. Companies like Shopkick and Quuu are using AI (Artificial Intelligence) to better understand their customers’ behaviors and how they can work together to make best marketing strategies and give them what they want.

Software companies are the next major platform for this technological advancement. The goal of these big tech companies is to give people the kind of tools they want when they want it in order to make the lives of their customers better, faster and more convenient.

AI and Machine Learning, is a new buzzword and what everyone should stay on top of. AI technology can help make a marketing plan based on the marketing platform itself, or it will help the marketing team to predict user behaviors using machine learning which is a learning system. It will be a better way to analyze the data as it is made up and based on algorithms that use a lot of information.

As more and more companies are adopting this AI technology, the competition continues to come out. That means your competitors are now entering the space that they cannot do with their own methods to improve their businesses. When you start using this technology it is crucial to know what AI can do for you and what AI might do your competitors could do for you.

AI and machine learning are definitely some of the hottest topics nowadays. Here on this site we hope that we can continue to provide you with the most up-to-date and interesting information in this space. We really hope that you will continue to keep this blog going and also come for the giveaways. Stay tuned and I’ll see you online! New blog: Today’s digital landscape looks to be more and more complicated by the minute.

We take a look at the latest trends and the leading companies in the space in today’s digital landscape. The world is full of potential and it is going to be interesting to see what innovations are coming down the pike and which companies are leading the way into this new, evolving and dynamic world. Old blog: We showcase all the hottest trends that are on the horizon in the world of marketing.


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