The world of industrial automation and robotics has been dominated by two companies for ages. These companies have built incredibly advanced sensors and computer-controlled robots that could be used anywhere in your home, yet there is one company that has really only made a name for itself in the industrial arena by building and selling software that intelligently automates much of the mundane tasks and tasks that most people would associate with having a system that can pick up your groceries at the store.

What could possibly account for this? One, it is a relatively small company with a lot of money to invest in research and development, and in fact one of the more valuable positions in their portfolio.

When we think to ourselves “I’m sitting here thinking,” “Shouldn’t I be more useful in the world?” or even “How do I get more practical about other people and being useful?” it is because it feels so easy and natural, we forget that sitting here on this couch is about how we use our bodies to achieve an outcome, a goal, it is not about ourselves at all.


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