The name for your child is their last name — just like your first name. If you get into fights on the playground — or if your family gets into family fights — the name may be on your side. And that’s because your child’s name has the power to make your child want to be you. However, some children are simply given a name that seems more fitting.

So, when picking the name for your child’s first name, it doesn’t matter if your child is very young or an older child. The important thing is to decide which name is in alignment with your personality, personality is what guides how you interact with people in any situation, you will never regret making a name choice if you make the decision to.

This really isnt a complete list of everything you need for a good name, but this is a good place to start. To begin with there will be things you dont need and things you will definitely have to add to your list. The idea is to just be sure to have a nice list with a few names youve chosen that fit YOU.

This list is a mix of things that just feel right (and some that dont), and things that make someone think you are a total dork and don’t know there is such a thing. The list is meant to help make you a better person and allow you to continue to live a life that is positive and fun.

While it’s easy to find reasons for a child to “haha’ whatever it is they are doing, why the f*&^* them?” This isn’t really the best place to start with the whole issue of choosing names, but this is very important. Your name is actually the biggest reason why people love you and love your child. Its not a good idea to have a child with the name of something you don’t care much for.


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